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Zoggs Racespex Rainbow Mirror


The Zoggs Racespex Rainbow Mirror is a racing style swim goggle that is Fina approved for competition racing. It is sold as a racing goggle due to the fact that it is extremely low volume and super streamline in the water. When racing this is a must, you dont want anything to bulky or large to slow you done. The Lenses are UV Protected which is important as you want to protect your eyes when in the sun. The twin strap makes the goggle stay put when racing as one sits higher or your head and one sits lower, this gives the maximum hold. 


Note: Please note that you must never touch the inside of your swimming goggles, the anti-fog coating that is there will come off very easily from as little as you finger touching the lens will do this. Place your goggles in the water before using them, then straight on to your head. If your anti fog starts to come off, you can purchase a spray bottle of anti-fog to re-coat the lenses.