Thinskins Football Socks

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The Thinskins football socks are design for comfort and to strengthen your on-field performance, regardless whether you play Rugby League, AFL, rugby or soccer.

You get healthy circulation from the 360 degree gradient compression, preventing swollen ankles. Your body keeps hold of good fluids and manages lactic acids, all thanks to science.

The football socks feature density zones to heighten shock absorption where you need it most.

You get the ultimate in comfort thanks to the NanoStretch and NanoDry technologies.

The NanoStretch material is seriously stretchy, so it offers an incredible fit for all feet.

Meanwhile, the NanoDry technology keeps your feet feeling moisture free and fresh - you don’t even have to worry about bad smells because it’s all managed with the one technology.

Blisters? What blisters!? The Blister Management System (BMS) limits friction of the socks against the feet, keeping blisters at bay.

Grab a pair of Thinskins football socks to truly spoil your feet and gear up for the game! Plus they come in a terrific variety of colours.