PTP Microband Resistance Loop

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Small looped flat band designed to target glutes, hips and shoulders. Also helps to assist in rehabilitation and improve joint function.


- For upper and lower body muscle tone and stability

- Over 30 exercises included to make the most of your training

- Easy on the joints thanks to elastic resistance (progressive tension)

- Made from premium latex for unrivalled durability and performance

- Designed to target glutes, hips and shoulders and increase upper and lower body strength and stability

- Loop design to promote small range of motion, joint function, prevent injuries or assist in rehab

- Perfect for use pre and post-exercise to improve sports specific movements and recover faster

Available in various resistance levels;
Level 1 = ultra light resistance = pink (3.8kg)
Level 2 = light resistance = lime/yellow (5.3kg)
Level 3 = medium resistance= Green (8.3kg)
Level 4 = heavy resistance= Orange (9.7kg)
Level 5 = Ultimate = Silver